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Accountise. Bengaluru, INDIA
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Accountise software anatomizes your organizational practices and meets the alliance of the economy, explosion of technology and intricacies of business transactions and other forces have thrust the financial system. Accountise reporting system is vigorous as the pace of economic change expedites and need for reliable and relevant information entirely integrated in advancement of invoice, credit notes, debit notes, receipts and payments. Also by consolidation of transaction, generating management report like Balance sheet, Profit and loss Accounts, ledger entry- accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, project accounting and billing- customer /supplier list, caters all financial transaction just like icing on the cake.

Accountise software furnishes Annual reports, disclosure theory, Stake holder theory, legitimacy, theory of public relations, production process.

Accountise software generates periodic report that categorizes company accounts receivables according to the length of time an invoice has been outstanding.

The total Debits and credits and the net movement for each account will display shows YTD.