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Accountise. Bengaluru, INDIA
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Accountise software is been programmed to execute automation activities and plays vital role in pay roll system serving the organisation and Human Resource Management department. Employee payslips, monthly reports, year-end reporting and payment history is archived.

Accountise tenders benefits to you and company with authenticity and proficiency, directing your company’s payroll administration with attendance, calculating the deductions of LEAVES, LWPS, LOANS TAKEN, ESI, PF, PT and TDS with accuracy and eradicating manual process of processing salary to the employees. Accountise software is the elite measure to process salary. The salary slips will be mailed to employees on monthly basis.

Payroll Management centralizes the measurement, analysis and reporting of information that can help Human resource department and Account department in making decisions to fulfil the targets of an organization.

  • Employee muster roll is maintained by software with tangible statement of working and leaves taken by which we can engender the salary process.
  • Tax deductions will be framed by software with updated information.
  • Payslips will be archived and mailed in swift way.
  • Agenda/ reminders will help employees regarding important tasks and tax submissions.
  • Accountise software ejects manual process and reduction of mistakes.
  • Extensive validation procedures and verifications, stops inwarding wrong information.