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Accountise. Bengaluru, INDIA
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Accountise software administers financial systems by generating the Profit and Loss Statement which states you a lot about how your business is performing. It also assists you to determine methods that you can go about saving money.

Basically, the P&L statement estimates all of your income sources verses all your business expenses for any given period of time. Accountise software productively manages petty cash, travel, mileage and other expense, also facilitates to avoid unnecessary expenses by balancing cash withdrawn vs. Cash spent and accounted.
Expenses are exceptionally effective for finance departments which need to take command on that. This software helps you to manage financial accounts and avoid debts.

It Provides:
• Statements with accurate summaries, closing balance and cash transactions.
• Entries of receipt are controlled by preventing unauthorized transaction.
• Eliminates errors caused by manual entries.
• Electronic input of receipts acts like connection with all branches.
• Reduction of fraudulent and thefts.


  • Income
  • Expediture


  • Income
  • Expediture
  • Analysing petty cash reports.
  • Tracking details for loans and settlements.
  • Accurate tallying and management of all expenses.
  • Expenses report is generated and running balance is maintained.
  • Alert reminders for late submission of advances.